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Download the 2015 College Student's Guide to Public Accounting Firms in MA

04.10.15– Over 60 firms profiled in the 2015 guide. Learn why you should begin your career at each firm and more importantly where to send your resume.
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MSCPA Student Member Spotlight: Kimberly Moore

04.10.15– Learn what motivates this Bryant University sophomore & Agawam, MA native to pursue a career in accounting.
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The Next Step Recap

04.10.15– Learn How Student Members Prepared for "The Next Step"
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Accountants get high marks from small business leaders

03.16.15– Small business leaders consider their accountants to be the most important professionals their businesses use, according to a new survey.
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CPA Exam Basics Quiz: Find out how much you know!

03.16.15– Test yourself on the basics of the CPA Exam, such as the formatting of the sections, how they're weighted, what they cover, and more!
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Next Step Workshop at PwC 4.1.2015

03.10.15– The Next Step - A workshop designed for the college student about to enter the accounting profession
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From Marine to Future CPA. MSCPA Student Member Spotlight: Bryan Brogan

02.13.15– From Marine to Future CPA. Check out the latest MSCPA Student Spotlight featuring UMass Dartmouth Senior Bryan Brogan. He's a veteran, MSCPA Student Ambassador, completing his studies and an avid cook! Check it out here:
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2015 CPA Exam Changes

02.11.15– Learn about the 2015 CPA Exam changes
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