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More than one-third of Students Plan to Llive at Home after Graduation to Pay off Loans

11.16.15– Student loans continue to be a burden for the youth of America.
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Register for Free Webinar with Roger CPA on the AUD Section of the CPA Exam.

11.16.15– This week only, join Roger for a free study session webcast to learn this crucial concept on the AUD Exam. Watch as Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, creates the mental framework to help you understand Audit Evidence and how to ensure these findings are sufficient and appropriate for the auditor's conclusions.
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Apply for Scholarships from Becker CPA Review

11.13.15– The Newton D. Becker Scholarship* program will award over $225,000** in CPA Exam Review Scholarships, including 20 full 4-part courses each valued at $3,393 and over 100 scholarships each valued at $1,697.
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View Pictures from the 2015 "Is Accounting for Me?" MSCPA High School Accounting Conference at Babson College

11.09.15– On Friday, November 6th about 60 high school accounting students from 11 schools gathered at Babson College to explore that accounting career at the MSCPA "Is Accounting for Me?" High School Accounting Conference.
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How Millenials Will Change Management

11.02.15– Baby boomer managers can be credited with creating employee support programs. Generation X managers can be credited with making the workplace more informal, making the term "business casual" commonplace. What will the next breed of managers bring to the workplace?
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Free Webinar On CPA Exam Changes by Roger CPA

10.22.15– This week only, join Roger for a free webcast on the major changes expected to appear on the 2017 CPA Exam. Watch as Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, takes an in-depth look at the expected changes and advises you on how to successfully prepare!
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CPA exam evolving to reflect shift in skills requirements

10.20.15– The tasks performed by newly licensed CPAs have changed in recent years. The Uniform CPA Examination is evolving to reflect those changes. “Tasks that an entry-level CPA may have done in the past are now either largely mechanized through electronic mediums” or are being handled by non-CPAs, said Rick Niswander, CPA, CGMA, Ph.D., outgoing chairman of the AICPA Board of Examiners.
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Not Your Father’s Job: Why More Millennials Are Getting Into Accounting

10.20.15– Learn how accounting can give you the life you want and deserve.
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